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“The root of all suffering is a need, a hunger for Love”
B. Womack in Illuminating Conversations  with the 12 Archangel April 2018.

To schedule a service listed below email:

Include in your email request 2 or 3 dates and times that you are available.
Mondays - Thursday mornings or evenings (GMT+2 time zone)

Image by Reuben

Private Session

One on one private 45 minutes session via zoom

Image by Ryan Stone

Package of 4 Sessions

Package of 4 One on one private 45 minutes session via zoom completed within a 3 month time period.

Image by Compare Fibre

Intuitive Guidance

Mini session for quick guidance and direction.  15 minutes on Zoom or recorded audio.

Image by Alexandra Nicolae

6 Month Program

Follow your dreams and inner growth for 6 months with 2  sessions of 45 minutes per month on Zoom


What can I expect?

For a session one on one:
Depending on the issue I would suggest you ask for a dream to bring understanding to the situation, and we would explore that dream.

If you cannot remember you dreams I will provide tools that will help with that or I would just use different tools to access the root or block in the subconscious and transform it so things can flow and flourish again. I will connect with your own Inner Child or team of Helpers in Heaven so they can guide us.

6 Month Program: This is a commintment with your self to surrender and follow your Soul guidance. We'll be working with your dreams or your Inner Child and team of helpers in Heaven to where they lead us.

For intuitive guidance:
You can send me an email explaining a situation, an issue where you need some insight and we can have 15 minutes on zoom or I can send you and email with a personal guided meditation or image to help with that.

The zoom meeting will be recorded and sent to you as soon as possible.

Money: if you need help to pay for any of the services, please ask the Universe or the 12Archangels or your Team to provide you with the funds. They deliver! and that empowers you and help you to trust.

Curious? Read the examples below and have a taste.

Example 1: Adventure as symbolic language

Example 2: Tarot Imagery  subconscious messages

Example 3: Dream interpretation and transformation

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