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What door do you want to open?

We are expressive and multifaceted beings with infinite opportunities and ideas available to us.

Doors are truly a powerful image. They can create the illusion of separation, like you can be closed to the help of others, to the help of the universe, or you can open a door to a new opportunity to come in, or you can set a boundary, "please, no trespassing!"

Sometimes you need to close a door before opening a new one. Sometimes there are so many doors open that you don't know what to choose. Sometimes even the door is open, you still need to cross it and no one is crossing it for you.

I would like to suggest that you can take the time to see what doors have you opened or closed and ask yourself if you want them that way or if you just need to close the door behind you and open a new one to a brighter and happier present and future.