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The story of www

Once upon a time there were 3 little Maytes. The Warrior Mayte. The Worrier Mayte and the Waiter Mayte.

How to finish writing my book and have a blog?

The Warrior Mayte was willing to fight her way into the world. “I will fight any obstacle to make my dreams come true”. Because she was a great warrior she faced incredible obstacles, challenges and difficult situations, but she ended up so worn out that the only thing she wanted to do after a fight was rest or dream another dream, because once you pursue your dream long enough and see that the dream is not coming… it is time for the worrier Mayte.

The worrier Mayte was always concerned and mostly afraid, doubting herself too much. “What if the dream was not enough good after all? What if I am supposed to do something else instead? What if I don’t have enough money to make things happen? Maybe I have the wrong idea and things are the way the others say. Maybe it is time to listen to Waiter Mayte.

The Waiter Mayte thought that things had to be perfect and come out into the world just at the right moment, but when is it the right moment? For Warrior Mayte is right now, let’s fight our way into it. For Worrier Mayte, it is never. We need to have things figured out first. You need to come up with the awesome idea, you need to know about computers, you need to have the money, and so on and so forth. At the end, while Warrior and Worrier were arguing, Waiter was always winning the fight going nowhere. Waiter: the winner of going nowhere.

Then, one day little Mayte breathed and she stopped listening to the web of words created by the 3 W's. And she breathed long enough for the Writer Mayte to show up. Writer Mayte is good with words, anyone can see that. Writer Mayte started playing with words and the other 3 W's were captivated by this and they started to play and while they were playing, they were transforming and writing!!!!


Hello, I'm Mayte

Mayte loves sharing her stories, experiences, photographs and explorations. Subscribe at the bottom of the page to be notified of new classes, events, and the latest posts.

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