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The Gift in the Nightmare

This is how we can work with a dream: telling the story, translating the symbolic language, exploring the dream and interacting with it so we can receive the gift in it. There are gifts in all our dreams, especially in the nightmares.

This is the dream:

Dream: October 3rd 2020

I am at home with Espe Amezua. We are in my room and suddenly she opens the shutter so the sun can come in to my room through the balcony, which is open. I tell her to be careful because Ahrigato, my cat can jump off the balcony. I thought I have warned her before, I thought she already knew that… But I am late and I can’t avoid it. Ahri comes out to the balcony, to the sun, and suddenly a bee (maybe a drone) flies by near her and out, and Ahri jumps off the balcony trying to catch the bee.

I am horrified and terrified, for a moment I freeze. I don’t know what to do, to go to the balcony and see her falling or to run downstairs and go for her… I rush downstairs, jumping down like crazy till I come out and I see my beautiful cat on the ground with a lot of dark blood.

I pray. I ask for the help of the Angels that she is not dead and she can recover. I take my sweet Siamese cat in my arms. She is bleeding from her anus… maybe there is an internal bleeding and there are fatal injuries. I continue praying. She is alive. I don’t want her to suffer. I need to take her to a vet immediately but I don’t have a car. My friend Espe says she lends me her car and another woman appears, a friend of mine (I don’t know who she is). She takes Espe’s keys and she leads me underground through basements and cellars to the place where Espe’s car is parked.

I wonder how are we going to drive a car upstairs. I also think of a vet. There is a vet in Olmillos (a small village not far), who has another job but I trust him, but my friend who is driving us out (I don’t know how) tells me that it is better to go to another vet, because this man is not taking good care of his own cats…

So, I think to go to Aranda where there is clinic. I tell her to go to Aranda while I am taking care of Ahri. She now seems able to walk a little, even though her front legs are injured. I take her from the ground and don’t want her to hurt even more… she is so small that I can wrap my right hand around her completely and lift her up. I wrap my cat with my hands filling her with love, praying for her.

Exploring the dream:

The driver, the friend that I don’t know/see in the dream, is my new Mayte, the one who is driving me out of lack and old male/old female and fear. She transforms into Angel/Teacher Mayte.

Ahrigato means thanks in Japanese. Cat is a feline, my feelings are coming out. It is my wounded child needing some sort of things and hurt (internal injury, blood: family, ancestry) come to an end (anus). She falls of the balcony chasing a bee: she wants to BE, and if it is a drone bee… My feelings, my wounded child is trying to follow, to catch my Divine Masculine (essence), to bring the creation to manifestation, taking action. Also, I live in a 4th floor. 4 can be number for manifestation or structure.

Espe: Esperanza means Hope. Hope is opening me up so the sun can come in my bedroom, in my dream, in my life. She offers me a way of moving forward and also, she has the keys. I left out the man, the vet that has another job and doesn’t follow his heart, he is in his small village and I decide I go to the city, which is bigger: Aranda to a real vet (who is a woman and has a clinic). I let behind the small and old masculine paradigm, to follow my intuition and go for a bigger space, widening my mental body (city).

Imagery exercise to respond to the dream:

Instead of rushing downstairs out of fear, that in the dream is to the left, to the past, I choose to explore the right: I come out to the balcony and I see what happens.

The moment Ahri jumps, she grows wings but more importantly she is surrounded by all kind of Angels, Fairies, Nature Spirits…

It is amazing. I grow wings too and the Angel of Hope to my left and another Angel to my right ,take me out of the balcony, out of the nightmare. They and I flap our wings powerfully once and the White Fire tidal wave spreads all light and music. We land on the Emerald Green Meadow in the middle of a Fountain of Love.

I call here all the wounded children inside of me, wherever they might come from, I call them here, to the Fountain of Love where the wounds and the hurt come to an end. I ask for Divine Intervention and the Law of Oneness what is best for everyone. I surrender. I choose Love. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for all the Love and Healing taking place.


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