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Like Mother Like Daughter

What is it with mothers and daughters? I love my daughter most than anything in the world and sometimes she just drives me crazy. I know she is God’s Child, not mine. I know she has her own movie, but when she became so grown up, so different?

I look at her and I just love her, I see her beauty and her qualities and her love and her potential and at the same time I see how she is making some mistakes, the same ones I made when I was young. That really bothers me and I want to spare that suffering to her, like I would have liked to spare that to me.

Truth be told, I am here just at this point in my life because of what I have experienced in my past and because my Soul is leading me (even if I resist), My Soul has been always here for me, so I think it is time to surrender my control, to be aware of my “rescuer and first responder” behavior and just trust. Trust that her Soul is guiding her through the experiences she needs.

I surrender to my Soul trusting that everything is in Divine Order, that I need divine intervention instead of human control trying to get everything fixed (in both meanings) as my limited ego perspective sees fit.

I think that loving my daughter, I mean truly loving her, what I actually need to do is step back and let her live her life and be willing to have a new beautiful relationship with her. She is constantly changing, as I am too; so our relationship can be fluid and shifting and just full of love even if we are at distance.

Thank you, Soul for my life and all my relationships, thank you for being in charge of everything. I surrender always to you. Thank you Sara, my wonderful daughter for being my teacher and my mirror. Thank you Sara's Soul for all the blessings and the love.


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