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Imagery: Bringing what your Heart Desires.

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

I learn this wisdom from Belinda Womack in the 12 Archangels University, I work with the Rider Waite Tarot cards because they have a high vibration and the images are clear and radiant.The intuitive, spiritual, creative part of our brains understands the language of images. It just sees the images and understands perfectly the message. It is not necessary to do anything else, you just watch the images and your intuitive brain just knows, but if we enter the cards as in a dream, like a scene of a movie and we explore them, we go deeper and we clear our subconscious, so we clear out path.

I use to say, imagine that you see this or do that when you enter the card… Well, not everybody “sees”, some people “hear” or “know” or “feel”, each one of us has a particular connection with our intuition. What is really important is our “intention”. It is enough to have the intention to follow the exercise and allow it to take place but we can add to this that we are never alone: our Soul, our Higher Self, the Angels and Divine Beings are helping us. They are always by our side and if we ask them or call them, they always respond.

My beloved Belinda call the Ace of Cups “the card of Miracles”. If you need a miracle in your live, just watch this card a few moments and ask for a miracle. It is the Cup of Divine Love, the energy of the Divine Mother, the energy of emotion and feeling.

The Temperance card is among other things, the card of balance and patience and harmony. The Angel that you can see in the card, is Archangel Michael for me, but when there is an Archangel, there are the 12 Archangels, they always work as a team.

This is a simple exercise to know what miracle you may need in your life and to make it easier for you to receive that miracle in.

Please, choose a comfortable place. Just begin to breathe calmly. Breathing is really important. Breathe in deeply so that the oxygen reaches all your cells. Breathe out slowly, emptying your body. Breathe in and out deeply until you are relaxed and centered.

Now, imagine that you enter the pool in the Ace of Cups. It is a swallow pond with clear transparent waters. The water can be turquoise or any color that comes to your imagination. It has the perfect temperature for you. You enter the pool holding the hand of your inner child. You can splash, bathe, play… When you are clean, relaxed and happy you may get under the stream of waterfalls of pure Divine Love Rainbow energy that falls from the cup.

If you feel like it, you can drink this energy with magic cups that appear in your hands at will. Both of you can drink until you are satisfied and when you are overflowing with this Divine Love (you can even become an overflowing fountain of love), ask your Inner Child what is it that s/he needs in this moment (What is it that both, you and your Inner Child, need in this moment of your life)?

It can be a greater flow of cash, or balance between work and leisure, or more physical exercise, or spending more time in Nature, or good friends, or even something material as a house, a car… It can be anything, but the most important thing is that you hear and listen to your Child. S/he knows exactly what you need in this moment. Give thanks to him/her for spending time with you and for telling you what you do need. Make sure s/he knows that you are always there for him/her and be sure that you can always come to this pond, to this magic place every time you want to.