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Heaven and Hell

Our Souls guide us, especially through tough times. It is amazing the opportunities created for our healing, shifing our perspective, forgiving, bringing love where love was missing.

This month of November I have been working with webinar 3 of the Advanced Graduate Program created by Belinda Womack and the 12 Archangels. I have been polishing my chakras and gathering the strength and the courage of revisiting medieval times. And this is bringing amazing rewards again and again.

Medieval times somehow can feel as hell, so much fear, violence, suffering... But it was medieval times, nothing to do with my life this time, or so I thought. Then, yesterday I was searching for a picture and a bunch of photos that I didn't know I had just appeared in a shoe card box.

Well, I remember living with my partner for 12 years as a mix of heaven and hell. Being pregnant is one of the things I am most grateful for. Having a child is such a blessing! but as soon as my daughter was born I knew all kind of suffering. The father of my daughter was jealous at such a deep level that I wasn't able to comprehend.

I felt responsible and guilty of his misery and my misery. I was torn between my "duty" as a wife and my "duty" as a mother and I lost myself for a while, but even though things didn't go as I thought, I was living in heaven and hell, in and out, up and down for several years. I got divorced, I got really ill, I healed and I found support and help in my family and old friends and new friends, but my constant compass was my daughter. I know I stayed in Schoolroom Earth because I love her so much.

Now I have learnd so so many things. I have learned to love me, to ask for help, to be grateful, and I have been awakening more and more and that is what I want to share, how to bring more love and more awakening so we live in heaven and bring heaven where there was hell and continue learning how to be even happier.