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Cleaning & Clearing & Clarifying

I have seen my mother, my auntie and many Spanish women clean the house; Things have to be shinning clean, like you would be able to eat straight on the floor.

I thought I wasn't that way. I mean, I keep my house clean, but I don't over do that, and I don't care if it doesn't shine. I watch Ahri, my beautiful furry angel to clean herself thoroughly, and sometimes I feel like she is way too much into her cleaning and I wonder what is she mirroring back to me?

Well, it turns out that I don't over do my house cleaning, but I realized that I actually obsess over my inner work, clearing old beliefs or patterns from my subconscious or doing imagery exercises or looking for the imperfection, to wipe it clean. Why do I obsess over that? It seems that in my deep subconscious I have a convoluted belief/pattern/brainwashing related with women: like we are somehow dark/dirty/evil, that there is something truly wrong with being a woman so I was trying to find that piece that is wrong and clear it out.

In order to clarify things: there is nothing wrong with being a woman, and actually there is nothing wrong in not being perfect. I mean not being perfect is just perfect because that way we have room to change, to improve, to evolve.

The root of my behavior (I was blind to it) was that convoluted belief regarding women, so I stepped back and I asked the Angels to do whatever necessary to transform that low vibration and bring love where love have been missing.


Hello, I'm Mayte

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