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Centennial Love Holders

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

Trees are so loving, generous, wise... They provide us with so much more than oxygen. They ground us and sustain such life all around for us, even the soil we walk on.

I remember the lesson in Heart Power Recovery by Belinda Womack, how these beautiful giants connect us with our Heart, with our Team of helpers in heaven. I love to imagine that I am up in one of the amazing powerful branches and the Angels and the Fairies and my loved ones in Heaven are embracing me in there. Or I just open my arms around the huge trunk and breathe with the tree as Catherine Shainberg used to tell me.

Imagine that you are sitting on the root of this giant holm oak that is more than 800 years old. Let your back rest against the trunk and breathe in sync with this beatiful being. You breathe in the oxygen she produces and she breathes in the carbon dioxide that you exhales, so both of you are breathing in a circular breathing, nurturing each other with love.

If visualizing is not your thing, just have the intention and exchange your breath and your love with this wise grandmother. This grounds you and expands you and connects your with you heart.

If you feel brave enough, imagine that you are inside the tree, feel her, let her fill all your cells with her strength, with her surrendering with her spreading, with her love, with her generosity... Feel the tree and if you wish, ask her for a message or/and a gift. Don't worry if the message doesn't pop up in your mind inmediatelly, it will come to you, maybe when you wash your hands, maybe when you are just relaxed... It will pop up.

The message I received was simple: Trust! and it is just what I really needed to receive. Thank you beautiful sister tree!

I suggest that the next time you have the opportunity, please, take your time to embrace an actual tree, breathe with her, not matter her age, all trees are connected. Feel the tree, talk to her, listen to her and experience that gift of peace inside of you.


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