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An Adventure read as a dream using symbolic language.

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

This is a short story that one of my soul sisters told me and I feel it is so useful to see it as a dream!

This is what she told me:

I had an adventure yesterday. I went for a ride 2 and a half hours to a friend of mine because he was taking care of my dog while I was on vacation. The thing is that on my way over to Spain, like 3 weeks ago, because I’ve just bought a new car, it’s not sexy, it’s an old car, but still very good and I’ve got it real cheap and I could take it to Spain…

And on the way over to Spain I was thinking all the time, “the gasoline-meter or the gas meter” is not working because … It was just a feeling or something that I thought, but it wasn’t broken. The car was really not taking a lot of gas. It was not a gas-guzzler (it’s the American say). And then I just relaxed in it.

On the way back from Spain, on the Spanish-French border, the Customs stopped me and they thought I had drugs with me because my car was smelling like gas (that’s what one of Custom’s people told me). So, they took everything apart, they were checking the gas tank (the reservoir) and they had quite a problem putting everything back in the way that it was and that it worked. So, they were busy for an hour, an hour and a half or something.

And then, yesterday (I came home a few days ago) and yesterday I went to my friend which it is two and a half hours drive and, on the way back, my car stopped, and what was going on? The gas meter broke, because they didn’t put it back correctly…

What is the gift for me?

On the way to Spain I was thinking about the gas-meter. I don’t know anything about cars. I know how to give gas and how to change gears, I know how to drive, but I don’t know anything about a gas-meter. Maybe this is my Soul or my Guides telling me, “Sweety, you know, you should take your thoughts, your intuitive thoughts way more seriously because they are spot on. I was thinking about this gas-meter 3 weeks ago…

Treating the adventure as a dream and translating it:

As a secondary dreamer/adventurer, (the original dreamer is my friend) I feel that my subconscious and my little child are sharing with me precious information about my intuition and my gas-meter, which is something to measure my level of fuel/energy/love in my

In a first level of this reading, all in the adventure is me, a part of me. So, I am the car, I am the gas-metter…

I have a new car, it is not sexy, it’s an old car but still good and I didn’t pay much for it… This is telling me that maybe I have a deep belief that I am not sexy, or I am not too worthy.

Another belief could be telling me that I am old (maybe for certain things, maybe it is late for me) but I am still good (like I have some value, but I would love to be really good, significant, worthy).

I don’t invest much in my car… Well, where am I not investing much in me? Where am I being cheap with me?

So, to go South, Spain (South of Spain) I feel for me it is going searching for light/sun, healing and grounding. On vacation, it means holiday but also to vacate, em