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Tarot with the12 Archangels 

More than 2 years ago the Angels asked me to teach my own way, my understanding in Spanish of  what I have learned in the 12 Arcangels University for the Spanish Speakers being respectful with my own creativity and genius and following my own path.


What is Tarot with the 12 Archangels?

It is a magic treasure that change your life. It is an integration of esoteric wisdom and deep practical transformation to improve our daily life. Belinda Womack created the 12 Archangels University (12 AU) and all her teachings are channeled. The Angels asked me to spread this powerful loving knowledge in Spanish and they also asked my colleague Fabio Campos to do it in Portuguese.

The content in Spanish is not the same as 12 AU but it is based in the same vibration of “undiluted love” as the Angels say, and the transformation takes place just the same.

How this magic process works?

We develop our intuition and creativity using techniques that allow us to dive into the subconscious and the superconscious.

We use the images of the Universal Waite Tarot because they are clear and help us to visualize. We DO NOT use the tarot to predict the future. It is a multidimensional structured education. We learn, integrate and transform our subconscious and our beliefs to different levels at the same time. We awaken and activate our intuitive-creative part of the brain. We heal all the different aspects in us and we become our true authentic self.

Among other things, we will learn to:

  • Ground. Fill up with energy. Be present.

  • Visualize. Imagine. Feel.

  • Dissolve blockages. Transform the subconscious. Be happier.

  • Connect with our higher self, with the 12 archangels, etc.

  • Understand. Forgive. Heal. Change our perspective.

  • Connect and listen to our divine inner child.

  • Receive and manifest with divine will from our hearts.

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