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About Me

Mayte Abad Morente


Story changer

Life-path illuminator

For as long as I can remember I have been passionate about dreams and the magic in nature and the stars. I have always felt that there is something more, far more than what we call “reality”. My dreams feel as real as my waking life. And also, my waking life seems more connected and expansive. I can hug a tree, feel its magnificence, and be conscious that the tree is also a divine being. I feel the same for a single blade of grass. 

Are you ready to awaken to a richer awareness, a deeper and wider perspective of what life is? Of what and who you are?


You are a Child of the Creator. These can be simple words or they can be more. As you dive into the rich, harmonious feelings of these words and fully embrace them you step into the blossoming of your true self and you begin to experience heaven on earth in this mundane plane.


More joy. More freedom. More harmony.

"Gratitude is the Attitude"
Belinda and the 12 Archangels


Image by v2osk

What is symbolic language?

The symbolic language requires both parts of your brain. You cannot rely only on your logical rational way of thinking, you need your intuition and also your playful child that is able to put things together.

Symbolic language is everywhere, in the fairy tales, in the stories of the bible, in the legends and myths, in your dreams, even in your daily life. Many times it brings messages to us.

Have you seen a rainbow? You can feel in your body how just looking at the rainbow expands you and lifts your spirit. Have you notice that sometimes something catches your attention and makes you wonder what does it mean, for example series of numbers.

Symbolic language is powerful and has many levels. 


Come on an adventure with me and learn to decipher it!


I am so so lucky to have learned from many people in my life, and from many beings and even things, but I want to really to distinguish and give my deepest gratitude to Catherine Shaingberg for her teachings in Imagery, Dream Opening©, Morphology and more.
My deepest gratitude to Bonnie Buckner for helping me following my dreams step by step for years.
My deepest gratitude to Belinda Womack and the 12 Archangels and all their programs and courses, especially the Accelerated Discovery Program. Many of the terms I use like Inner Child, old made paradigm, etc. I learned and integrated in my practice from Belinda and the 12 Archangels. 

That in regards of learning my tools to evolve and helping others to evolve.

On another note I thank you Kathryn Gorham for landing my business and providing me with the structure to manifest my Dream. 
Thank you!
Mayte is an amazingly gifted and intuitive interpreter of dreams, imagery, and symbolism. Her understanding of these magical languages is incredible and it blows my mind every single time. Recently, she helped me to understand what my Soul was trying to communicate to me in a very uncomfortable dream. After our session I felt clear, had more direction and understanding, and am extremely grateful for her on-point insight and intuition. She is a giant wave of love that encompasses you so that you feel supported, safe, and heard during a session. I highly recommend working with Mayte if you would like to feel lighter, understand more of your Soul’s communication and purpose, and want a whimsical, fun, and loving guide on your journey.

Shane Braverman
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