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Dream your life.
Live your dream.

Intuitive guidance that gives you direction from your inner authority.

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"To feel is to heal."
Belinda Womack and the 12 Archangels

Beautiful Being

Are you:

  • Suffering

  • In a place you don’t want to stay

  • Stuck

  • In crisis

  • Feeling like there’s no option

  • Needing to shift your perceptions

  • Experiencing family struggles

  • Wanting to work on relationships (partner, work, friend, etc)

  • Experiencing victim consciousness

  • Feeling a calling to follow your dream

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I can help you

I work with images and symbolic language that speak to your own subconscious, your own soul

Calm Woman


To see things more clearly and broaden your perspective

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To help you to see and feel the experience from a different angle.

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To help you to get to and change the underlying root issue


Mayte Abad is one of the world's hidden jewels. Her ability as an intuitive and healer has had a profound impact on the positive trajectory of my life. Abad is keenly adept at zeroing in on what to me was completely hidden in a mystical, yet extremely grounded and practical way.  Her natural ability coupled with her deep and comprehensive study in the field of dream interpretation, symbolism, and intuition empower Mayte to bring light to our struggles navigating our path here on Earth.


Heaven sent, Mayte Abad can help you too.

Susan Gold
Los Angeles, CA.  USA

I reached out to Mayte seeking meaning about my dreams and images that I felt were trying to tell me something important, yet that important message wasn’t coming through in a way I could hear it.

Every single time Mayte clarified and explained my experiences and dreams in vivid and surprising detail. Her interpretations are extremely illuminating, spot on and profound. I am so grateful for all the intuition and wisdom that comes through her.

Yet she doesn’t stop there. Don’t miss her lucid, gentle, guided meditation where she assists you and your inner child in transforming the issue or “stuckness.” Mayte (mighty) Awakenings is the perfect name for her services.

Mayte loves what she does and gives from a space of joy.

Kathryn Gorham - North Carolina, USA

"Mayte is an amazing and gifted intuitive healer. I needed help understanding a dream that I knew was telling me something deeper about my life's work. 


Mayte was able to take the images from my dream, weave them together and turn them into understandable messages that my soul was trying to communicate to me. I was feeling a shift with my work and she helped me to see the new direction I needed to take. 


I am so grateful for her profound intuitive work with imagery and dreams! Mayte is deeply compassionate, kind, and wise beyond this earth. Give yourself the gift of working with Mayte and you will gain clarity and a deeper understanding about where you are and how to create a happier life" 

Kathy Van Guilder - USA

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